April 23, 2023


Docophoto: Wahiawā Civic Center

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Join Docomomo HI for a Docophoto event at the Wahiawā Civic Center. Docophotos are an opportunity to document, tour, and photograph a modernist building or site that may be at risk for demolition or alteration.

When:              Sunday, April 23
Start Time:      9:45 am
Photo Tour:    10:00 am - 12:00 pm

We will start at the Wahiawā Civic Center and then visit some of the other great mid-century modern buildings in the area.The event is free to all, and no RSVP required.The Wahiawā Civic Center was designed by locally esteemed architects Merrill, Simms, and Roehrig, and exhibits local characteristics and features associated with typical 1950s and early 1960s buildings in Hawaii, which often expressed Modernism by incorporating clean lines, muted curves, large windows, and also integrating local details including large overhangs and the use of local natural materials such as lava rock, concrete, and wood. The building was constructed in 1957 when several dispersed Wahiawā community and state services expressed the need for a more convenient and spacious location. The Wahiawā Civic Center has been occupied since its construction, is in good condition, and with few alterations, has a high level of historic integrity. The civic center’s association with the town, community of Wahiawā, and state government also lend to its historic significance.

Photo by: David Franzen


April 23, 2023


Wahiawā Civic Center